The Dean of the Hospital

I, Dr.Manikanda Das, MBBS FCGP manage the Athura Hospital as Medical Director of the hospital. My medical practice span over remarkable 30 years of service.I am liscensed by Govt. of Kerala vide 11258. The Hospital is liscensed vide S6.2768/11




  • Dr.M.Aathuradas

    Accident and emergency department provides a ready access to emergency nursing and medical care 24hrs for 365 days a year

  • ICU

    Athura Hospital equipped with multi disciplinary intensive care unit where patients are managed by a ciritical care physician who is supported by well experienced staff and paramedics round the clock

  • Departments

    Athura Hospital has one satilie centre in chittar town which is 5km away from our main hospital. The centre has a 20 bedded inpatient department headed by a medical officer

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